Welcome to the TassDB

TassDB stores extensive data about alternative splice events at donors and acceptors, both confirmed and unconfirmed cases. TassDB comes in two flavors:


The older TassDB1 holds information about GYNGYN donors and NAGNAG acceptors in eight species, based on the genome information available in 2006. It contains 114,554 tandem splice sites, 5,209 of which have EST/mRNA evidence for alternative splicing.


The newer TassDB2 contains data about GY(N) 0-10GYN donors and NAG(N)0-10AG acceptors in human and mouse, where the distance between the tandem splice sites ranges from 2 to 12. It stores information about 1,329,181 putative tandem splice sites, 14,312 of which are supported by EST/mRNA evidence for alternative splicing. This database is based on the genomic data available in 2008.


BayNAGNAG webserver - Bayesian network prediction of splicing outcome at NAGNAG tandem acceptors